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Georgian Bay Woodworking
Custom Wood Furniture 

One Of A Kind Pieces
Made Locally
Hand Crafted

Here at Georgian Bay Woodworking we specialize in one of a kind epoxy tables. If you need a river table for your boardroom, dining room, restaurant or simply just a coffee table to create that unique conversation piece just give us a call or come down to the showroom and see what we have on display!

Friends of The Shop

Enya Plaxton
Kenrick Sanford
Jared Toews
Mitch Linthorne

Enya Plaxton

Kenrik Sanford

Jared Toews

Mitch Linthorne

Enya comes to us from St. Marys high school on a grade 12 co-op program. She shows a genuine interest in woodworking and plans to land a career in the indusrty once school is finished. Enya shows real promise and will make an excellent woodworker, even though she HATES sanding haha!
Kenrick has been with us for about a year now. He comes in a few days a week on his own just to learn. We tend to make sports oriented pieces for his family who all work in the professional sports industry. We appreciate his help and hope he sticks around.
Jared comes to us from Bartamaeus Rehabilitation Servies. He suffered a fall through a skylight which left him completely blind. We work on hand eye coordination and working independantly. Jared had worked in the carpentry field before coming here and it shows in his abilities. 
Mitch also comes from Bartamaeus Rehabilitation Services. He fell from a ladder and suffered a Traumatic Brain injury. Mitch has been with us since 2021and demonstrated an amazing amount of skill and ability to learn. Mitch has made numerous pieces on his own and he doesn't stop improving.


Tues-Saturday 10 am - 6 pm


1006 2nd Ave East

Owen Sound N4K2H7

Tel: (705) 791 9461

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